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Harambee Circle registration

The Harambee Circle of Culture functions similarly to a circle of elders for the event. The circle consists of faculty, staff, and community representatives, who have supported, advocated for, taught and/or encouraged students to reach this important goal.


Your $50 donation will ensure the success of this program. All participants are requested to wear cultural attireIf you do not wish to be a part of the Harambee Circle but would like to contribute to the success of the event, we will gladly accept monetary donations.

Please make sure you fill out the registration form if you plan to participate in the Umoja Processional.

Now taking Donations Via CashApp! $UmojaCommunityForum

  • Add payment choice to your cart and pay using PayPal.

    The recommended donation is $50, but any amount is welcome. 


  • University employees can also donate through Payroll Deduction. Please indicate in the form the amount of your recurring donation, then complete the Payroll Deduction Form.

  • You can also give online via the Dean of Student’s Enhancement Fund form.

Any Amount of Donation

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